Monetizing News

NowNews is a leading independent news website in Taiwan. Offering multiple verticals on the website – from pets to politics and entertainment news; the website generates about 30M page views per month.

Seeking to increase revenue and leverage their own content to provide users with a great experience, NowNews selected Viewdeos’ Instream solution.

The cooperation began with a test on one of the website’s channels. NowNews ran their own content into Viewdeos’ player, sending users who clicked the player while running NowNews videos to the company’s official YouTube Page.

The solution boosted revenues at two levels:

  • Incorporating video ads into Viewdeos’ player.
  • Additional views and subscriptions on NowNews’ YouTube pages.

The consistent high revenues and great user experience led NowNews to provide Viewdeos with more exposure, until finally replacing all existing video solutions on all channels with Viewdeos and pushing Viewdeos’ player higher on the page to a more viewable position. The inventory allocated to Viewdeos increased from 100k to 1M per day.

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