Next-Level Monetization

Viewdeos’ monetization solutions create the perfect environment where advertisers, content, and publishers are optimally matched and homogeneous.

Publishers of all sizes enjoy Viewdeos’ best practices for video advertising as well as specific integrations for complex requirements. Utilizing Viewdeos’ scale, publishers can now access premium advertisers and private deals.

Growing Together

Our dedicated team partners with clients to provide committed and timely customer-centric service. From onboarding to growth, Viewdeos’ support staff and platform are continually evolving to stay current and ensure smooth adjustment, transparency, satisfaction, growth, peace of mind, and maintain the unparalleled ability to monetize.

Qualified and Ready to Go

Meet Our Leading Team

Sebastien Rozen

Co-Founder & CEO

Prior to founding Viewdeos, Sebastien held management positions in various leading advertising (offline/online) and high-tech firms.

He holds a BA in Business and International Trade.

His moto: perfect is the enemy of good.

Jeremy Ohana

Co-Founder & COO

Prior to founding Viewdeos, Jeremy served as Head of Media in Adtech, and worked in a Sports Marketing Agency

He holds a Master’s degree in Marketing & Sports Management.

His moto: live with passion.

Nitzan Katabi

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Responsible for developing partner networks and strategic alliances.

Laurine Rozen

Business Development Manager

Responsible for generating new opportunities, and establishing relationships with potential clients.

Meirav Kavalsky-Brami

Strategic Marketing Consultant

A creative and innovative marketing expert, with a proven track record spanning over 2 decades. Meirav is responsible for the company’s branding, positioning and global marketing.

Watch For Yourself