The Instream inventory always involves video content. It promotes the creation of editorial value through engaging video content, higher monetization via ad breaks, access to advertisers that only accept Instream inventory, and higher CPMs.


Outstream enables publishers to create video inventory without having to manage video content. It is environment agnostic, can be placed within existing content, and provides viewers with a degree of control over the viewing experience.


Continually displayed while users scroll over page content, Floating video ads are more engaging and memorable. As a result, they drive about 50% more viewability and higher completion rate.

Top Mobile Floating

Top mobile floating enables publishers to offer 100% viewability while promoting their video content with a floating player playing the video with its title, creating even more engagement.

Bottom Mobile Floating

Similar to Top Mobile but only appears at the bottom of the mobile device’s screen.


Embedded in page content, these ads remain with the visible screen area if scrolled out-of-view. Highly customizable and consequently exceptionally viewable, they provide greater performance.

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