Infinity X

The X Factor

Infinity X is an online data driven publishing powerhouse reaching over 10M+ unique users monthly. Powered by proprietary data science algorithms, Infinity X can personalize both content and user experience to create the best online entertainment experience possible for users.

As a leading media group, Infinity X was searching for a partner offering a highly versatile video player to support custom layouts as well as high yield monetization to maximize user acquisition. After scoping the market and testing several options, Infinity X selected Viewdeos’ solution.

Viewdeos suggested an eCPM focused monetization strategy, which maximizes viewability and completion rate. Leveraging granular and actionable real time reports, the solution enabled Infinity X to optimize performance according to various criteria and tests.

Following a short adaptation process targeted at meeting Infinity X’s specific requirements, deployment was smooth and concluded within a week.

With the incorporation of Viewdeos’ fully managed monetization solution, Infinity X achieved a 20% increase in global revenue per session, with 90% viewability and 80% completion rate.
Furthermore, the increased revenue enabled Infinity X to remove a content recommendation unit that forced users to leave the site, thereby ending the user session and damaging both UX and customer loyalty.

Viewdeos’ team worked closely with Infinity X throughout the project, delivering high availability and rapid adjustment to requirements. The company successfully met the project’s goals, deadlines, and budget, while providing Infinity X with the utmost peace of mind.

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