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AmericanListed is an online classified advertisements website. It was founded in 2007 and provides U.S. residents with a simple and safe way to sell and buy products and services within their residential area.

To ensure user security and provide advertisers with a brand safe environment, all ads are reviewed by AmericanListed moderation prior to posting. 

The company was looking for a partner that would supply relevant video content with a video player flexible enough to support non-standard integration.

After inspecting and testing numerous companies, AmericanListed selected Viewdeos’ solution.


Approaching the project, Viewdeos faced two major challenges:

  1. As users come from organic channels, the provided solution had to avoid impacting user acquisition, mainly determined by SEO and Core Web Vitals.
  2. While 95% of the users come from the U.S.; the monetization strategy had to also cover the remaining 5% of worldwide traffic.

Leveraging its vast experience in complex, large scale projects; Viewdeos’ team developed and deployed the custom technology and content within 48 hours. The solution enhanced the entire website’s monetization, using the video player integrated into forum-like pages without interrupting user discussion.


The cooperation with AmericanListed’s experienced and professional team exceeded expectations in terms of user experience, engagement; time on page, and above all – revenue. 

Taking a long-term approach decision, the project enables the company to boost its service level; providing users with high availability, rapid adjustments to requirements, and maximum transparency.

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